Upcoming Meetings


The North Carolina chapter of AFCOM was formed in 1997, and has grown to become one of the largest chapters in AFCOM. Our membership consists of Data Center IT and Facilities management, staff, and Data Center service professionals.

We currently conduct quarterly face-to-face meetings that cover a variety of interesting and relevant topics related to Data Center management. During the meetings, we have a roundtable discussion with topics ranging from the presentations to other relative information. We conclude our meetings with extracurricular activities such as Data Center tours, ball games, socials, etc., whenever possible. These events are a great opportunity to network with your Data Center peers to discuss issues that you are facing, and how others deal with similar situations.

If you are a Data Center professional located in North Carolina and would like to become involved in an association with like-minded professionals, then we would love for you to come join us. It's only a $25 annual charge in addition to your AFCOM membership. We would also like your input and involvement in suggesting, leading, or organizing various activities within the NC Chapter. Contact one of our NC AFCOM Board Members listed on the Board Page to learn more.

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The data center environment is constantly changing, making it difficult to stay abreast with the latest information and technology. AFCOM offers data center and facilities management professionals the best practices, insights, tools and resources to successfully manage today’s data center infrastructure.

An AFCOM membership is unique because AFCOM helps you find real-time solutions to your specific challenges. Whether looking to meet fellow professionals, face and conquer immediate challenges, or receive the latest data center information, your AFCOM membership is tailored to fit your needs as they exist now. Discover the value of an AFCOM membership today!